Finding Vegan Fitness — 4 Amazing Coaches To Help You Reach Your Goals

by | July 9, 2020

Seeking vegan fitness? Want to improve your mobility, wellness, nutrition, health or vitality? Look no further. We’ve got vegans who’ve hacked the system and have the secrets to living a strong, healthy and fit plant-powered life.

Find your perfect match below.

Jess promotes wellness-focused, sustainable lifestyle change (Provided)

Jessica Karwat

Jessica Karwat — best known as Seeking Jess online — is a health coach who helps women thrive on a plant-based diet by focusing on wellness and confidence, not just an end result.

Jessica is not only a personal trainer, but a certified vegan nutritionist harnassing her expertise to offer a unique program designed to support women. By teaching them how their bodies work, she aims to empower them to lead happier and healthier lives. 

She also is the host of Seeking Veganism, a podcast bursting with useful information surrounding health, vegan nutrition and fitness. By sharing her own health journey, Jessica encourages others to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle and exercise routine.

Check out her website to learn more.

Scott Burgett Vegan Fitness Coach
Coach Scotty promotes a plant fueled lifestyle for his fitness clients (Provided)

Scott Burgett

Vegan fitness coach, Scott Burgett, helps vegans build lean muscle, and reclaim their confidence through personalized, online coaching.

As the founder of Evolution Vegan Academy, Coach Scotty will motivate you to live your best life, all while learning the sustainable way to eat vegan and build the body that you truly desire.

Coach Scotty removes all of the guesswork from eating vegan so you can fuel your body with the nutrients it needs and feel comfortable in your skin.

To apply directly for coaching, visit his website.

Jazmin Castillo Vegan Fitness Coach
Jazmin Castillo has helped over 500 women work toward their fitness goals (Provided)

Jazmin Castillo

Vegan fitness coach Jazmin Castillo is a true plant-based powerhouse.

Jazmin founded Vegan Goddess Fitness to share her passion for fitness and is moving full speed ahead to change lives and empower vegan women everywhere. In fact, she has since helped over 500 plant-based women become more active, more strong, energized, and confident.

With workouts and plant based nutrition plans tailored to each client, Jazmin is here to help you live your best life — conscious of your health, the planet and the animals we share it with.

Vegan Goddess Fitness also donates a portion of every woman’s tuition towards local Las Vegas animal sanctuaries and rescues — meaning working with Jazmin and her team can amount to a change you’ll feel extra good about.

For more on what she does, visit her website today.

Vegan Coach Tyler Landry of The Healthy Habit
Tyler Landry of The Healthy Habit (Provided)

Tyler Landry

An accomplished fitness trainer, Tyler Landry promotes a plant-based lifestyle and holistic approach to wellness, offering one-on-one services designed to help his clients thrive on a vegan diet. He also shares workouts, recipes, and lifestyle tips on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

Tyler is exactly the trainer needed to inspire positive thinking as the foundation to a healthier lifestyle and happier life — and to inspire you to chase all of your goals.

Watch out for his upcoming recipe book, which will be stuffed with healthy vegan recipes made to be adjustable to your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

For more fitness inspo, check out his website today.


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