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Formerly Vegan Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates Return To Stand-up Comedy

by | December 23, 2018

Popular comedian who was once a vegan, Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi took to social media to celebrate the widely followed comedian’s return to stand-up comedy.

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Ellen re-posted a picture shared by her wife Portia, on Instagram, clicked right beside a Christmas tree. The couple appeared happy with gleaming smile on their faces.

The former actress and now art curating and publication company ( owner, Portia captioned the picture, “Getting ready for our viewing party for my wife’s brilliant Netflix special Relatable!!! Check it out!! #relatable#netflixstandup”

Ellen has returned to stand-up comedy with her new show Relatable that premiered this Tuesday on Netflix. The comedy special marks Ellen’s return to her first love, stand-up comedy, after a break of 15 years. The show has been well received so far, with the AV Club calling her ‘still relatable after all these years‘. In another review by Vulture, reviewer Isaac Kozell writes,

“DeGeneres is telling jokes, the core tools of comedy are still there and showing virtually no rust”

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Ellen DeGeneres Is No Longer A Vegan

Ellen DeGeneres, at one point, had become one of the many Vegan celebrities actively supporting animal rights. Speaking to Oprah about the couple’s Vegan lifestyle, Portia (Ellen’s wife) had said, “I always thought going vegan would be difficult, but I genuinely don’t crave meat or cheese. And I feel happier like I’m contributing to making the world a less violent place”.

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Portia had elaborated how she and Ellen turned vegan after moving to their California farm and coming face to face with animal sufferings. 

However, Ellen is no longer Vegan. Earlier she tried to be discreet about this, when she said she had to incorporate one animal based product, in her diet, on recommendations of her healthcare advisers. But recently, during her new stand-up Relatable, Ellen declared ditching veganism ‘for no real reason at all‘. This comes as a rude shock to many of her vegan fans, as she had once famously said, “50 billion animals a year are killed and I think we all fool ourselves that there is some kind of happy cow and that it’s a quick death, that they just hit him in the head and that they are out”.

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  1. Suzy Steele
    December 26th, 2018 @ 3:52 pm

    I had just watched this portion of her stand-up and was shocked. She was such a good role model to vegans and future vegans and it disappoints me that she announced her decision so non chalantly.

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