Four Vegan Kids’ Wear Brands You Simply Can’t Miss

by | October 21, 2019

Get prepared for some of the cutest vegan kids wear out there.

These brands — all up-and-coming in the vegan clothing scene — are sure to impress with their beautiful designs as much as their business models. Each packs a powerful message, and emphasizes keeping things personal over rapid expansion or the bottom line. What’s not to love about that?!

What follows are four wonderful options for vegan kids’ wear not to be missed for occasions from birthdays to baby showers.

vegan girl

Vegan Power Company

Anyone who gets crazy style nostalgia around — or wishes they were there for — the 70s, 80s or 90s will love this brand for their kids and themselves! Vegan Power Co mixes vibrant colors and pop-culture inspired designs to offer something truly unique to the animal loving community.

Drawing on everything from cinema classic Star Wars to iconic logos for its veganized designs, Vegan Power Co offers enamel pins, clothing fit for all ages (kiddo through adult) and stickers vibrant enough to take you back to the days of Lisa Frank and Rainbow Bright — surely simpler times for a lot of now parents.

The Halloween crazed among us will also be pleased to know the brand offers a wide array of “spooktacular” vegan designs which make a wonderful gift for animal-conscious kiddos — or, let’s face it, adults — taking a pass on conventional Halloween festivities. These can be a great jump-off point for a Halloween goody bag full of products and treats that bear the environment, and animal welfare, in mind.

These are also purchases you can feel good about, as this is a brand which donates to animal charities — in this case, a rotating list of sanctuaries and other nonprofits.

You can grab your Vegan Power Co garb here, and find the brand on Instagram.

Hippie Baby Co

This company’s all original, gender neutral, bohemian designs were each inspired by a powerful quote — and by the father of artist Olga Cher. Also a creative, Olga’s dad encouraged her to trust in the power of helping others and creating beautiful things — and that’s exactly what she did.

Using the techniques of block carving and hand printing, no two of her pieces are exactly alike., but they’re all sure to delight.

The philosophy behind this artist’s one-of-a-kind artworks? That true wisdom is to act in harmony with nature, respect all life forms and never harm another being.

What came from this is a beautiful collection of muted pastel and neutral garments for children and adults, including hats, onesies, sweatshirts, and super cute t-shirts kids big and small are sure to love.

You can check out Olga’s line — as well as her amazing hand printing process — on the Hippie Baby Co website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Who wouldn’t want their kids sporting a beautiful design from this mother of two?

Little Vegan Star

Katie first had the idea for Little Vegan Star when she was looking for some fun, bright, vegan-themed clothes for her daughter and couldn’t find anything she liked. Now seven, her daughter Belle is a very proud vegan and loves to sport clothes and accessories that promote her animal-loving message.

Katie had great fun hand painting all the designs herself and creating Little Vegan Star, a small family-run business, working out of the beautiful island of Guernsey. With 13 vegans in their family, they are proud to celebrate and share their passion for the plant-powered movement as part of family living. 

Offering worldwide shipping, all of the brand’s packaging is made from recycled materials. After lots of requests for smaller sizes, Katie is planning on adding baby clothes to her collection this year as well. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for these new selections.

The brand also often runs online giveaways, and will soon be donating a percentage of its profits Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary moving forward.

You can browse the Little Vegan Star collection — which includes not only t-shirts, but bags and accessories — here,  and check out the brand’s Instagram page here.

Future Animal Activist

Little Papaya Co.

For Little Papaya Co. founder Bailey, becoming a mother meant a steadily increasing drive to spread her message of environmental preservation, kindness to animals, and the power of a healthy plant-based diet.

She knew she wanted to better our world for future generations — and that’s where Little Papaya Co. was born. The result is a brand made to promote environmentally conscious and vegan-centric messages through eco-friendly apparel — for budding activists and their trailblazing mamas!

All of Little Papaya Co.’s products are made from 100 percent organic, ethically sourced and sustainable materials. Its products are kept free of detrimental chemicals and dyes through the use of water-based, environmentally friendly screen printing products.

With human rights in mind, Bailey also opts to print on fair trade garments, or ones from American Apparel — the famed basics brand which boasts sweatshop-free labor.

On top of all this, 10% of profits are donated to the Aloha Animal Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit sanctuary for farmed animals.

Little Papaya Co. offers clothing for kids big and (really) small, as well as a number of designs for women and shopping totes with pro-Earth messaging proudly splashed across them.

You can grab gear for your future activist here, and follow Little Papaya Co. on Instagram here.


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