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FUMI Ingredients Makes Vegan Egg White From Beer Industry Waste

by | August 5, 2019

FUMI Ingredients, a Dutch company, is on its way to making a vegan egg white replacer using naturally occurring microorganisms in brewery waste product. 

In an interview with Food Navigator, Dr Corjan Van Den Berg, researcher and one of the company’s founders, said that brewers yeast is able to create meringues that would hold for hours, and emulsify water with oil — much like egg whites from chickens do. 

These qualities, combined with the reduced carbon emission footprint that this process had over chicken egg production, immediately attracted their attention. 

barley beer brewery
The company uses naturally occurring microorganisms from brewery waste (Source: 9dream studio / Shutterstock.com)

From Algae To Yeast

Together with Dr Edgar Suarez Garcia, Corjan Van Den Berg started FUMI Ingredients during research which utilized vegan biomass such as algae. The goal of the project was to create a substance that would form a gel when heated, while also having emulsifying and foaming qualities.

Once the bioprocess engineers felt that they had optimized the process on microalgae, they turned their sights towards other commonly available microorganisms. They tried the process on spent brewers yeast — a byproduct of the beer industry — and found an ingredient suitable for the egg alternative market.

While this product is not yet available to consumers, Suarez Garcia and Van Den Berg are working with Dutch meat alternative producers to help this ingredient break into the mainstream market, where it would act as an alternative to chicken egg whites. 

Would you use this egg white replacer? Or do you have a tried and true favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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