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Gardein To Launch Range Of Flavored Chicken Tenders

by | July 30, 2019

Meat-alternative brand Gardein is poised to debut a range of vegan Chick’n Tenders, along with a number of other new meat alternatives.

Made with a blend of pea and wheat proteins, the new Chick’n Tenders will come in a variety of flavors — Spicy Nashville, Spicy Gochujang, and Chipotle Georgia. The brand is also about to debut its new Ultimate range, which features a variety of made-to-seem-real sausages, burgers, and hot dogs.

The new products are set to hit shelves this summer, and a full guide to participating retailers is available here.

Gardein Beefless Ground
Beefless Ground Sloppy Joes (Photo: Gardein)

Mass Appeal

Much like other plant-based brands making realistic meat alternatives — such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, for example — Gardein has designed its range to appeal not only to vegans and vegetarians, but those simply looking to reduce the meat in their diet. 

This, according to brand CEO Yves Potvin, will help to foster a necessary shift in diet trends.

“I think we’re at a crossroads right now,” he told Food Navigator, in 2013.

“We won’t be able to feed everyone if we keep eating the diet we eat now; we have to look for alternative sources of protein.”

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