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Gordon Ramsay is Embracing Veganuary 2019

by | January 9, 2019

World famous chef and notorious “vegan hater” Gordon Ramsay has added a vegan menu at his London-based restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, in a move that is directed toward catering to vegans and as part of the Veganuary 2019 campaign.

Gordon Ramsay is Embracing Veganuary 2019


Gordon Ramsay is Embracing Veganuary 2019

Bread Street Kitchen is offering multiple vegan dishes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of those who have taken the Veganuary 2019 pledge. Vegan fare such as pumpkin soup, wild mushroom risotto, eggplant pizza, a superfood salad, and beet wellington, a vegan spin on one of Ramsay’s signature dishes, beef wellington. The restaurant is also offering delicious vegan desserts, such as banana-based ice cream and chocolate avocado mousse.

This may come as a shock to followers of the bad-boy chef and tv host who has been extremely vocal of his hatred of vegans in the past. The chef even went so far as to say he would electrocute his children if they ever stopped eating meat. Gordon Ramsay has also taken a dig at PETA in the past, claiming that the acronym should stand for “People Eating Tasty Animals.”

Back in 2016, Ramsay pissed off vegans worldwide when he responded in his usual snarky way to a fan on twitter who had asked him if he had any food allergies. The celebrity chef simply answered “vegans.”

In 2017, Gordon Ramsay tweeted that he was “going to give this #vegan thing a try,” along with a picture of a vegan pizza that he would be serving at his restaurant, Street Pizza, in London.

This makes me wonder, is the broody butcher finally opening his eyes to the fact that vegan food is actually delicious, or is it a money-making ploy? Either way, I’m happy that he’s possibly seen the light and jumped on the Veganuary bandwagon. I hope the vegan menu will be a permanent fixture at his London-based restaurant.

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One Response to “Gordon Ramsay is Embracing Veganuary 2019”

  1. Julie
    January 14th, 2019 @ 8:35 am

    I gave up smoking using Alan Carr’s ‘The easy way to stop smoking’. He listed many benefits to stopping smoking but the one that resonated with me was that I would be free of the ‘dark shadows’ the anxiety and slightly depressed state of mind that comes from doing something every day that you know is harmful to yourself. I ignored the warning labels on the packs and the cough because I wanted that cigarette.
    I feel the same about eating meat I never really felt comfortable doing it but told myself that “everyone eats meat and dairy it’s normal” and “as long as the animals don’t suffer”. I wanted that piece of cheese or bacon so I justified it in the same way that I could justify having a cigarette. I was wilfully sticking my head in the sand in the same way that I did with cigarettes.
    Meat isn’t harmful to us physically but what about spiritually and emotionally – knowing that something we do every day causes harm and suffering not to ourselves but to innocent animals?

    Going Vegan has been liberating to me as I now feel free of the ‘dark shadows’ of guilt and like myself more for the choice I have made.

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