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Graphic Warning: YouTuber Eats Raw Pigs Head to Protest Veganism

by | April 8, 2019


Is eating a pigs head, raw, the best way to protest veganism while at a vegan festival? A certain YouTuber stands behind these actions, claiming that “veganism is human cruelty.”

pigs head
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Vegan festivals are usually a happy, safe space where vegans, vegetarians and sometimes even interested omnivores can enjoy the day without any problems concerning public backlash. Vegan festivals are filled with vegan food, cruelty-free products, handmade items and friendly faces. Youtuber Sv3rige was interested in none of those things when he decided to make an appearance at Brighton’s VegFest, along with eight others who wanted to make their message against veganism clear.

Pigs Head Used as Entertainment

With over 65k subscribers on YouTube and over 561 videos currently posted, Sv3rige isn’t shy when it comes to posting anti-vegan propaganda or the results of him eating dead animals raw at vegan events. With many videos dedicated to his acts including, “Eating Raw Liver @ Vegan Protest- Melbourne, Australia,” “Eating Raw Pork- San Francisco & Oakland, California,” and most recently, “Eating Raw Pig’s Head @ VegFest 2019- Brighton UK- POLICE CALLED & BANNED,” this man sure has a lot of money to spend on airfare and raw meat just to make a bizarre and frankly uncalled for statement. On his YouTube channel he also posts videos such as “You’re Mentally Ill If You Don’t Eat Raw Meat,” “Eating Raw Veal Testicles with Alain,” and, “Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment.” He also has a series with everyday people who have quit veganism for a variety of reasons.

pigs head
Brighton Pier
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At the Brighton VegFest, the YouTuber and self-proclaimed activist bit into a raw pigs head just outside the venue of the festival, visible to festival goers, passersby and children. In the nearly one hour long video posted about the ordeal, he was asked to leave by police and he doesn’t seem to comprehend why, all while he had a dead pig’s head in his hands. In the video he responds to being asked to leave with, “only vegans in the UK have free speech, meat eaters don’t.”

Credit:Sv3rige/ Youtube Screenshot

Unfortunately, due to his large following and his very firm beliefs that veganism is detrimental to humans, it’s unlikely he will stop posting these videos anytime soon, but we can hope that he rethinks his life choices and at least refrains from eating raw animals in public.

Have you ever witnessed somebody so actively protesting veganism? How did you react to it? Let me know in the comments below.

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What do you think, was using a pigs head a sick way of entertainment, or he really believed in what he was doing? Let us know in the comments.

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