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Greta Thunberg’s “Arch-Rival” Asks To Debate Her On Climate Change

by | July 12, 2020

Greta Thunberg’s so-called arch-rival has challenged the teen activist to a debate on climate change.

19-year-old climate change denier Naomi Seibt has previously told Thunberg to stop “spreading panic,” as she believes the activist is exaggerating the issues.

When recently asked by a journalist whether she thought she would ever be invited to address the EU with her opinions, Seibt responded, “I don’t think so because they are so immersed in their beliefs that they don’t want anyone from the outside to come in and talk to them.”

“If Greta Is Willing To Debate Me”

“Even if I tried to reach out to them I don’t think they would allow me to speak and that’s why I accept every opportunity for an interview or to speak because I would love to talk to someone on the other side.”

“And if anybody is willing to debate me, even if Greta is willing to debate me, I’m willing to come any time and debate them on the issue.”

greta thunberg's climate action
Greta Thunberg’s activism sparked global action for climate justice (Photo: Cory Seamer/Shutterstock.com)

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Greta Thunberg’s Activism

Thunberg has achieved global recognition for her hard-hitting stance on climate change, and has inspired action around the world.

She has recieved numerous awards and honors for her work, with TIME magazine naming her as “Person Of The Year” in 2019.

The 17-year-old activist recently hit the headlines for accusing world leaders of trying to “look good” by taking selfies with her.

“The Shame Of Their Generation”

“Perhaps it makes them forget the shame of their generation letting all future generations down,” she said, “I guess maybe it helps them to sleep at night.”

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