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HelloFresh To Add Beyond Meat Options

by | August 20, 2019

HelloFresh will begin to add Beyond Meat options in its US kits starting in September.

The meal service, which delivers meal kits, including recipes and ingredients to subscribers, recently announced that, due to customer demand, it will be adding products from the popular meat alternative brand to its US distribution. The first recipe including Beyond Meat will be the Goudalicious Beyond Burgers with potato wedges and creamy mustard aioli starting September 14

The service does not currently have a vegan meal plan option, but states that at least three of the Classic Menu recipes available each week are vegetarian, and may possibly be made vegan by omitting the animal products. However, the animal products are included in the package, which renders the service nonvegan. 

Beyond Meat's flagship product
Beyond Meat’s flagship product (Photo: Beyond Meat/Instagram)

Not Just HelloFresh

Though HelloFresh lacks truly vegan options, there are many other services available in the US which do offer vegan meals. Purple Carrot, a business partner of PETA, offers vegan delivery to the continental US. For more services verified by PETA, check this list

That said, those concerned about environmental impact may choose to skip the meal delivery service trend altogether. Many companies have been criticized for wasteful packaging, even after upgrading their kits with recyclable, less impactful options.

Would you subscribe to a vegan meal delivery service? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.


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