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Hiding Exhaustion- Make It Possible With These 5 Easy Steps

by | December 25, 2018

I’m going to be 40 in less than two weeks and I like to think that I look pretty good for my age. I’m in decent shape, have hardly any grey hairs and I’m only just beginning to get some fine lines on my face. Lucky me, yay. Still I have to struggle sometimes with hiding exhaustion.

I’m not upset at all about turning 40. I think I was more traumatized at the thought of turning 30 to be honest. I feel a lot more confident in myself, and I think I know who I am now. I actually like me, the good bits and the crazy bits.

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve noticed these giant dark black circles around my eyes. I look absolutely exhausted all the time. Why? Because I am absolutely exhausted all the time. I don’t think I’ve slept since 2003 and I’m pretty sure I’m still recovering from last years birthday over-celebration.

I’ve discovered a few life hacks from the moms of Instagram for hiding the fact that you haven’t slept in fifteen years. They’re not actually going to help combat exhaustion, but you may be able to hide it from the other moms in the school drop-off line.

Hiding Exhaustion- Step 1

Concealer is your friend.  Just a tiny bit mind you, less is more. Nailed it!

Hiding Exhaustion- Step 2

Buy a good hat. See? It works a charm, I only look a little bit exhausted. You’d never know I hadn’t slept in a week.

Hiding Exhaustion- Step 3

Cover up that eye luggage with a pair of GIANT sunglasses. This mom on Instagram knows what’s up!

Hiding Exhaustion- Step 4

Hide your exhaustion with a cute baby, nobody will see you, I promise.

Hiding Exhaustion

Hiding Exhaustion- Step 5

Snapchat filters are a girl’s best friend. For the times that you have to pretend that you’ve got your s**t together on social media, whip out the trusty Snapchat app and everyone will think you’re a non-exhausted pink fuzzy cat.

Motherhood is exhausting, sometimes you just have to make yourself laugh about the sucky parts of life.

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