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Hilarious Christmas Photo Fails That Are Too Cute To Ignore

by | December 23, 2018

There’s nothing sweeter than a beautiful holiday picture that depicts, peace, joy and the magic of Christmas. If you can get one that is. Every year I try, and I fail to get my kids to pose as if they love each other, and forget Santa photos, I gave up on that traumatizing event years ago.

Here are some of the hilarious Christmas photo fails that I found on Instagram.

Hilarious Christmas Photo Fails

He looks like he’s at least trying to smile through his tears.

Even Santa is feeling overwhelmed.

This girls is so over it already.

You sit on a throne of tears.

Ouch, and baby is there looking all innocent.

You can try and bribe them with cookies, but it won’t work.

When big brother steels your lolipop.

Double whammy, poor Santa has had enough.

‘I refused to smile, so they gave me a stupid sign’.

They tried, and failed.

There’s always one, ahem two, three even. At least Mom finds it funny.

Show us how you really feel kid.

Sweet and sassy.

This hat is itchy whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Again with the hats. Babies don’t like hats!

Hmmmmm did he fall over, or was he pushed?

Dad: ‘Hurry up and take the damn photo already’.

Baby in a basket.

‘This is my nice smile!’

I love this, sassy kids.

‘We’ve got a runner’.

Merry Christmas my A$$

‘I’m too tired for this sh*t!’

I think she wanted to be a sheppard.

You know, she kicked that kid.


hilarious Christmas photo fails

Why would they even attempt this?

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