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How to Help Little Kids Deal with Their Emotions

by | November 22, 2018

Not as complex as adults, kids do feel happy, sad, disappointed and angry. Instead of being harsh or frustrated, as a parent its your duty to help your kids deal with their emotions.  

Help kids deal with their emotions
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Kids and crying are like two sides of the same coin. One minute they are smiling happily and another minute they are crying because the ice cream is too cold. Kids cry over the silliest reasons. It is easy for us to get frustrated or yell at them to not cry, but for kids these are real feelings. Doesn’t matter you find it trivial that your kid cried because she couldn’t reach to the door first, for your kid this is a real emotion- a disappointment. And one or the other day, you have got to teach kids deal with their emotions. Here’s how:


Don’t be that adult who wants to regulate each and every emotion of their child. Your child will face a range of emotions, be puzzled by them and express them at ‘inappropriate’ times. Instead of silencing, try empathizing with them. Understanding your kid’s emotions and empathizing with them will do a greater good in the long run.

Understand That its Okay To Cry

Crying is never silly. It is an outlet for emotions and if your child is crying, it is because she feels things for real. Do not view this with your lens of right and wrong. If your kid is crying because she dropped her ice cream cone, don’t trivialize it. For her, it was a moment of happiness destroyed too soon and if she feels sad, let her show it by crying. There will be a time they will be able to regulate the intensity of their emotions and the way they display it publicly. Till then, let them show their emotions. Don’t repress them.

Do Not Be Harsh

However frustrating it might be for you to witness your child crying non stop over a silly thing, do not be harsh ever.They are delicate buds that need to be dealt with care and love. Instead of shouting and threatening, try talking to them about it.When you try to squash your child’s emotions, you are sending a wrong message that being emotional or having feelings is a wrong thing. Do not set a wrong benchmark.


Pointers to help kids deal with their emotions

Happiness is here has a few suggestions in store for parents who are trying to help their kids deal with emotions. It asks parents to not punish, distract, set time limit or ask too any questions when your child is crying.As per Catherine M. Wallace , “Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”

en eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”

Helping kids deal with their emotions might be a bit tricky, but if you set out with your heart in the right place and remember to empathize, you have already won the battle.

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