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Ice Cream Theft Worth “Thousands of Dollars” Hits Vancouver Vegan Business

by | October 11, 2019

The owner of Say Hello Sweets has launched an appeal for help after its vegan ice cream truck was broken into and more than 100 of the brand’s ice cream sandwiches were stolen.

Naomi Arnaut, owner of Say Hello Sweets, shared on Instagram that she had “a serious case of the Monday blues” and explained that her ice cream truck had been “viciously attacked” and damaged extensively.

In addition to the theft of the ice cream, which Arnaut says is worth “thousands of dollars,” her generator was also stolen and the windows of the vehicle smashed.

Arnaut urged her social media followers to contact her if they saw her Ice Dream sandwiches being sold anywhere “that doesn’t quite seem right.”

vegan ice cream sandwiches
Ice cream sandwiches from Say Hello Sweets (Source: Say Hello Sweets/Facebook)

Vegan Ice Cream Crime

On the day of the crime, the truck had been participating in a vegan pop-up fair on the same street where it was later broken into.

Arnaut said that the pop-up event went smoothly and it wasn’t until the following morning when she received a message from residents of the street that she discovered what had happened. 

Say Hello Sweets’ plans to open a storefront have been put on hold since the break-in, but Arnaut hasn’t let the incident put her off altogether.

Speaking on the effect of the crime on her business, she said “it’s really tough because…Vancouver’s such an expensive city and it’s hard to make a go of it…so these types of things are pretty big setbacks for us little guys in the food industry. But you gotta keep going and figure it out.”

A GoFundMe campaign was set up by local business owners to help get the vegan ice cream business back on its feet with the aim of raising $6,000. Donations have already exceeded the $7,000 mark with support still coming in!

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