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Illinois Bans Sale of Cosmetics Developed With Animal Testing

by | August 19, 2019

Illinois just passed a law that bans the sale of all cosmetics tested on animals.

Illinois has joined both California and Nevada in instating a state-wide law that prohibits manufacturers from selling cosmetic products developed using animal testing – whether on the final product or individual ingredients.

From January 1, anyone who breaks the amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act will face fines starting at $5,000. Violations may also be enforced by the state’s attorney, or municipal attorney of the county or city.

The bill — dubbed SB 241 — was introduced and sponsored by Senator Linda Holmes.

“Consumers’ expectations are moving toward products that are not tested on animals, and big personal product brands are changing their practices,” Holmes said in a statement.

 “There are alternative testing methods that are good for business, safe for consumers and certainly move us forward to a humane approach by eliminating the cruel practices of the past.”

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Animal testing and experimentation is still commonplace in many countries

Worldwide Animal Testing Bans

More than 30 countries worldwide have banned the sale of animal-tested products.

Though the US has not yet placed a ban nationwide, the new laws in Illinois and other states contribute to pressure on companies to invest in alternatives to remain competitive in today’s market.

“Cosmetics testing on animals is inhumane, expensive, and at odds with the laws and regulations of many countries throughout the world,” said Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) President, Cathy Liss. 

“We appreciate that the Illinois legislature, Governor Pritzker, and consumers are taking a stand against these archaic tests that cause immeasurable suffering.”

According to AWI, there are more than a dozen alternatives for cosmetics animal testing. Many of these, such as ones that use human cells and tissues, have been approved by the United States FDA as well as other country regulatory agencies.

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