Is America Starving The Polar Bears?

by | January 5, 2018

The small choices we make in our day to day lives have a huge impact worldwide, even affecting the polar bears.

So many people in the world are fighting to stop climate change, mainly blaming fossil fuels as the main contributor. However, most people are overlooking another huge industry responsible for climate change and carbon emissions. The animal agriculture industry and it’s environmental impact. The small choices we make can mean life or death for an entire species. One of the species most impacted by climate change is polar bears. The polar bear population has dropped dramatically in recent years. They are starving every day because of people’s obsession with hamburgers and fast food.

More than 70 billion animals are raised and used as food every year worldwide. The industry is so large it is the second biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions behind fossil fuels. But its impacts are felt in many more areas than just the ozone layer. Deforestation, air and water pollution are all on the rise. With the amount of meat that is being consumed in America alone each year the carbon footprint of the animal agriculture industry is contributing a huge amount to climate change.

With the damage humans have done to the ozone layer, the Earth is heating up.

It’s not a myth, it’s a cold hard fact.


Temperatures are rising worldwide, storms are getting worse, the ice sheets are melting and water levels are rising. This spells big trouble for the animals who are dependent on their habitats to survive.

One of the hardest hit species is polar bears. They typically spend their summers roaming around ice shelves in the Arctic, hunting mainly ringed seals. They have been known to hunt Beluga whales and scavenge for other carcasses. However, now with the rise in the temperature of the seas, their opportunities for using the sea ice to hunt has been cut dramatically. The ice is melting too fast and they are suffering. The seals use the ice to hide underneath and to rest on, but if there is less ice the polar bears have fewer opportunities to hunt them.

There has been an increasing number of polar bear sightings on land in recent years, as they are being forced off the ice shelves in search of food. Polar bears are reclusive solitary animals and don’t like to be around people, as with most wild animals. The fact they are coming closer to humans to find food is showcasing their desperation. The polar bear population has also dropped dramatically in recent years due mostly to global warming and their habitat disappearing. They are starving due to loss of habitat and people encroaching on the ice shelves.

Every day people make a choice about what they eat. Continuing to eat animal products and support the animal agriculture industry only continues to harm the environment and support animal mistreatment. What one person might think of as something so small it doesn’t have an impact, might mean the difference between life and death for an entire species.

If you could make one small choice every day that would save an entire species, wouldn’t you do it?

Alex Jones

Associate Editor, USA | Contactable via [email protected]



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