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Is KFC Vegan Chicken About To Launch Nationwide In The US?

by | January 30, 2020

KFC has announced that vegan fried chicken will be trialled at more than 60 of its restaurants in the US — stating that successful trials could lead to a permanent nationwide launch.

The fast food chain has teamed up with Beyond Meat to develop vegan nuggets called Beyond Fried Chicken. The nuggets are made from a mixture of wheat and soy, and will be on sale from $4.29.

During a one day trial of the plant-based chicken in Atlanta last year, “a week’s worth of the nuggets sold out in five hours.”

“It blew us away,” said Andrea Zahumensky, chief U.S. marketing officer for KFC, “the proof will be in this expanded test to really tell us if this something that has legs.”

The trials are set to take place from February 3 for three weeks in Charlotte, Nashville, and North Carolina.

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Plant-based chicken is already available across the UK at KFC (Photo: KULLAPONG PARCHERAT/Shutterstock.com)

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KFC Vegan Chicken

Following successful trials of plant-based chicken burgers in the UK, the chain made the meat-free item a permanent part of the menu.

“What we are really seeing in this kind of movement that is sweeping the country is a desire for people to eat less animal protein” explained Andrea Zahumensky.

“And they do it for various reasons – sustainability, health reasons. Many people do it because they want to be part of the movement and it’s cool to do it.”

Do you think the KFC vegan trials will be a success in the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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