Thinking Of Going Vegan For January? Try Veganuary!

by | January 2, 2018

Since January is upon us again, Raise Vegan sat down with Jane to chat about the campaign and her exciting plans for Veganuary’s future.

Raise Vegan: Thanks, Jane and Matthew for taking the time to talk! Will you start by telling readers what Veganuary is?

Jane Land: Veganuary is all about the practical support of going vegan and focuses primarily on the how. We know many people are motivated to go vegan, but find the doing is the trickiest part. That’s where our virtual hand-holding comes in! Participants get thirty one days of emails, which includes shopping lists, recipes, nutrition advice, and meal plans. They also get a free celebrity e-cookbook!

Raise Vegan: How did Vegunary come to be?

Jane: A few years ago, Matthew and I learned how animals are treated in our food system.
Around the same time, we’d been talking about an upcoming Movember campaign, which Matthew had previously taken part by growing a moustache during the month of November. The Movember campaign helps raise awareness about men’s’ health issues. It has generated mass global engagement. It was this concept of creating a named-month to bolster interest and momentum that inspired us. In autumn of 2013, Matthew coined the phrase, “Vegnanuary.”

Within a couple of months, we’d created the brand and website. The very first Veganuary was run late at night from our bedroom. Michael and I placed a bet—I hoped 100 people would take part, whereas Matthew was a little more optimistic and guessed that 1,000 people would sign-up. We both lost because 3,300 people from all around the world signed-up to go vegan in January 2014! And just like that—a movement was born!

Raise Vegan: Can you tell the audience a little bit about your life outside of the campaign?

Jane: I’m an English teacher, and my life really changed when I met Matthew. I went from vegetarian to vegan and swapped out my Shakespeare texts for the Animal Activist Handbook.

Matthew specialises in two very diverse things—windows and veganism. Following in his family’s trade, Matthew began his business career in the double-glazing sector and later used his entrepreneurial talents to start a conservatory company. In 2012, he launched the window industry’s exhibition trade show.

Raise Vegan: How large as Veganuary grown over the past few years?

Jane: In 2017, we had participants from over 172 different countries. The site currently has country-specific pages for the US, Australia, and South Africa. We’ve translated the main parts of the site into Spanish. As the second most widely spoken language, having our resources available in Spanish will increase the global scope of the campaign considerably. We also plan to translate the main parts of the page into German and Italian.

Raise Vegan: What can people look forward to in 2018?

Jane: In 2018, participants will receive Veganuary’s book, How to Go Vegan. Hodder & Stoughton have partnered with us to create an accessible, practical guide to going vegan that will make replacing meat and dairy products easy and fun.

Matthew Glover: We are thrilled to be working with Hodder & Stoughton to bring the work we do at Veganuary to a wider platform. Being vegan doesn’t have to be tough or scary, and we want as many people as possible to give it a try.

We’ve crowdfunded over £82,000 to get Veganuary posters in public transport systems in three continents. These went live on December 18. We’re also working with many of the top chain restaurants in the UK to get more vegan options on the menus. Some restaurants are going to have special vegan offers in January.

Veganuary has teamed up with Derek Sarno from Wicked Healthy to provide thirty one days of recipe videos. Sneak peak of the trailer here.

Raise Vegan: Okay, this is even bigger than I realized. Can you tell us what’s the best way to get involved?

Jane: As an predominately online campaign, the best way for people to get involved is share our messages on social media. You can buy copies of the book for your non-vegan family and friends.

Thank you again, Matthew and Jane! Best of luck to you in 2018! To Check out Veganuary and how to take part, the details are listed on their website


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