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Jason Momoa Calls Humanity A “Disease” As Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Grows

by | October 15, 2019

Jason Momoa — of Game of Thrones fame — attended and spoke at the United Nation’s SAMOA Pathway event last month, where he delivered a cutting speech in the name of the environment.

During his speech at the recent UN event, the star called into question the choices of humanity with respect to the environment.

Momoa spoke to the shame he feels for the leaders who haven’t yet embraced the Paris Agreement — a UN framework designed to tackle climate change — and emphasized the damaging effects of pollution on our oceans. He noted that the Pacific Ocean’s infamous garbage patch has reached critical mass, growing larger than the country of France itself.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet at Game Of Thrones Event
Momoa and Lisa Bonet at Game Of Thrones event (Source: lev radin/Shutterstoc.,com)

Momoa On The “Relentless Drive For Profits”

Momoa, born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa, spoke of his having “a foothold in two worlds ” which he says allows him “to see how a problem for one will soon become a problem for all.”

He went on to speak of how coastal cities and islands are on the front lines, arguing that while they may not be the biggest contributors to the destruction, they will be the first to pay the price of “first world actions.”

“Our ego, our fear, and our relentless drive for profits have made us the only species willing to force disharmony with the natural balance of our world,” Momoa declared.

“All land, no matter how big or small, floats on the ocean like a canoe in the middle of the sea. Our planet is nothing more than an island floating amongst an ocean of stars. Life on a floating vessel has limited resources. It requires strict conservation practices and carefully planned navigation to ensure survival. We must work together as a global community to best steer our canoe in the right direction — the direction of a healthy and abundant future on Earth that we call home.”

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