Junk Sleep

by | December 16, 2017

Before our little guy came into our world, I thought that babies pretty much just slept, pooped, drank milk, and slept some more. I wasn’t far off. Except there’s a lot more poop and milk drinking and for our baby. A lot of the sleep happens while we are holding him. This means that there isn’t a lot of time for us to sleep or get anything else done. We have to try to use his nap time to at least relax and wind down. And maybe send a few emails. I had no idea about ‘junk sleep’.

I recently read about a theory based on the idea that babies need to sleep in their cot to get proper rest. The naps they take in our arms, in their rocker, or in their car seat is not proper, restful sleep but ‘junk sleep’. Asserting that it is comparable to junk food in terms of nourishing a baby’s body.

I felt exhausted just reading it.

Especially in the early days of our baby’s life, while he was still adjusting to the big wide world outside of my body. Not much of his sleeping was done in his cot or even in our bed. He was only truly comfortable in our arms. He is perfectly on track in regards to mental and physical development. Something which surely he needs to get ‘proper rest’ to achieve?

Although our little one now sleeps pretty well in his cot at night. Sometimes it is not worth the upset it would cause all of us to insist that he stays in his own bed. Rather than being rocked to sleep or cuddled in my lap. If we were strict about where our baby sleeps, I’m 100% sure that our own sleep would suffer. We would have next to no down time to gather our senses so we can give our whole selves to our baby. Assuming the ‘junk sleep’ theory extends to his stroller or baby carrier. There would also be very small windows of time in which to shop for groceries and baby needs.

It didn’t take me long at all to consider this ‘junk sleep’ theory in the context of our family’s situation and dismiss it. I can see that my baby is properly rested when he wakes up from a nap in my arms and goes straight into perfecting the latest skill he’s been working on. For our family at least, the ‘junk sleep’ theory is absolutely not accurate.


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