JUST Vegan Eggs To Hit Over 2000 Kroger Stores

by | August 21, 2019

Grocery giant Kroger is now stocking JUST’s vegan eggs across the US.

According to CNN, the mung-bean-based bottled vegan egg will now be available at 2200 locations of Kroger’s family of stores, which includes Kroger, Ralphs and Fred Meyer.

JUST CEO Josh Tetrick has said the launch is “a big deal” — despite the long-standing success of the plant-based brand’s products.

JUST Egg is already stocked in a number of major retailers across the US, was recently added to the menu at Tim Hortons, and hit Veggie Grill locations across the US last summer. 

vegan eggs in grocery store
The plant-based product has been stocked next to chicken eggs (Source: JUST)

Vegan Eggs & Meats Go Mainstream

The product’s success can be attributed, in part, to what seems to be mass appeal. According to Tetrick, roughly 77% of JUST Egg consumers are neither vegan nor vegetarian. 

This follows the trends seen in the sales of plant-based meat giants Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, both of which credit most of their sales to meat eaters.

Why might the common consumer be becoming more receptive to plant-based products? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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