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Know More About Natural Vegan-Friendly Baby Care Brand: Rooba

by | May 29, 2019

As a mother to two children who had rather intensive teething cycles as babies, I know exactly what it’s like to seek a safe teething remedy that is non-toxic, effective & vegan-friendly. I was excited to learn about the award-winning vegan-friendly baby care brand- Rooba. It is a British company based in Hampshire with the UK designed products and I got a chance to have a chat with Toby Winn, founder of Rooba Natural Baby Care, about their non-toxic, ecological teething products.

Know More About Natural Vegan-Friendly Baby Care Brand: Rooba
Award winning Boo the Bunny, natural teether

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Know More About Natural Vegan-Friendly Baby Care Brand: Rooba

First, I notice that, quite importantly, your products are not meant for internal ingestion. Will you be devising a teething product that is safe for internal use at any point?

Toby: Products that are used internally are classed as a medicine and require extensive testing. Essential oils are typically used externally especially in babies as the strength can be too strong. 

What was the inspiration to create the specific products you offer?

Toby: I set Rooba up as noticed the teething market was flooded with plastic and silicone teethers. The world is being swamped in plastic so I wanted to create a safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative that is good for your baby and good for the planet. Boo the Bunny, our natural rubber teether, is recyclable or biodegradable at the end of life whereas plastic products will be here for hundreds of years. There is a growing demand for natural products. The oils we sell are vegan and 100% natural. 

Know More About Natural Vegan-Friendly Baby Care Brand: Rooba

What has consumer response been like?

Toby: Boo the Bunny was our first product and has won a number of awards and it is great to hear feedback from parents that their babies genuinely love chewing on it. The rubber has a lovely soft texture that is soothing for sore gums, unlike hard plastic. Babies love the integrated handle so can hold themselves and ease the pains. Parents love the natural nature of the product.

Photo: Annika Lundkvist
Know More About Natural Vegan-Friendly Baby Care Brand: Rooba

It can be generally quite difficult to find good teething products. Why do you think that is and what is the market for teething products like in the UK? 

Toby: In the UK it is like the US, there is almost too much choice, lots of cheap silicone products are imported from China. The price of these may be attractive to new parents but the quality isn’t necessarily very good. I believe our product is a superior product that will last. 

Photo: Annika Lundkvist

Do you notice a distinct interest in consumers who are interested in your product as it is vegan and cruelty-free? 

Toby: There is a very noticeable movement towards vegan and cruelty-free. All the UK supermarkets now have vegan and vegetarian isles that were unheard of even a few years ago. It is very much becoming more mainstream and rightly so. Historically vegan and vegetarian options for all sorts of things have been a bit of a compromise but as more companies cater to them the choice and quality has greatly improved. I think this market will continue to grow. Even if you are not vegan I think it is reassuring to know the products are natural and contain no artificial additives.

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