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Lewis Hamilton Partners With Beyond Meat To Launch Vegan Burger Chain

by | August 29, 2019

F1 pro Lewis Hamilton will open the first of a chain of vegan burger joints partnered with Beyond Meat next week.  

Dubbed Neat Burger, the flagship location will open in London on Monday, with 14 franchises to come in the following two years. According to Hamilton, the partnership is about more than just the food.

“I’m very passionate about being kinder to our world and also really respect Neat Burger’s commitment to more ethical practices and supporting small businesses, so this is something I’m also really proud to support,” the star said in a statement. 

Beyond Meat Vegan Burgers
The burger is the brand’s flagship product (Source: Beyond Meat/Instagram)

Lewis Hamilton’s Vegan Lifestyle & Business

This is by no means the first merger of Hamilton’s passion for the plant-based lifestyle and his work. The star announced the official launch of his latest collection with Tommy Hilfiger just this week, which includes vegan leather footwear.

He also regularly speaks out on the benefits of plant-based living and the inhumane treatment of animals in animal agriculture.


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