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Lush Announces Refillable 40 Vegan Lipsticks in Most Requested Colors

by | December 13, 2018

Looking for the perfect vegan lipsticks for the upcoming Christmas parties. Look no further, Lush has announced they are releasing the new vegan and hydrating lipsticks come in colors most requested from customers – nudes, greiges, and reds! Which colors will you be trying first?

vegan lipsticks
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Environmentally Friendly Vegan Lipsticks

The 40 shades can be purchased in a refillable pouch and inserted into your old lipstick holder, with the packaging your new refill came in being recycled. The vegan and environmentally company is encouraging customers to embrace the new eco-friendly packaging and reuse their old pouches. 

All the colors have been at he behest of customers who wanted the day-time subtle colors, to the statement bold colors such as ruby. 

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