LUSH Debuts Vegan Christmas Line!

by | November 28, 2017

LUSH VEGAN Christmas Collection With 100 Vegan Products!

LUSH have announced that they are embracing the Vegan ethical lifestyle, and releasing one hundred lush products just in time for the holiday shopping rush! As first reported in VegNews, this has vegans rejoicing around the world.

Christmas Sweater Themed Bath Bombs, Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melts, and Santa’s Belly are all amazing, kind and ethical ways to blast into the new vegan year of 2018!

With reports of Veganism being the trend to watch, it’s no wonder that companies are scrambling to get ahead of the game and attract new customers, and lure old customers back to their stores. By proving they are an ethical and cruelty free establishment.

LUSH has been a well known vegetarian company, and now with Hillary Jones, a vegan crusader and the company ethics director at the helm. It’s no wonder they are moving towards being a more vegan line. Jones, at a gala held earlier this month in London, UK explained. The company is planning on ditching the animal exploitation they may have in their products, and moving towards ethical products. “It will take one generation”

Which is something we love to hear here at Raise Vegan! As we too believe it will only take one generation of raising ethical, kind and understanding children, to wake the world up to animals being off the table.

So when you’re out running around trying to think of last second gifts on Christmas Eve, Don’t forget about the amazing line at LUSH!



LUSH are just one of many companies who are embracing the vegan lifestyle. Especially as Pizza Hut announced they are providing vegan cheese for every store throughout their United Kingdom locations!



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