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Man Strips Naked At BC Vegan Restaurant

by | September 2, 2019

A man made local headlines after fully undressing at vegan restaurant Naked Café in Kelowna, BC last week.

Staff member Venus Vendetta, who was working the till at the time, claims partial responsibility for the incident. According to Vendetta, the man had asked if he could take his clothes off and she — thinking the request was a joke — had told him to “go for it.”

Cafe Dishes
The man took all of his clothes off at the vegan restaurant (Source: Naked Café / Instagram)

While the stunt did cause a bit of a stir, café staff are unperturbed, did not call the police, and say that the man left without incident.

That said, manager Mike Huget has made clear that, despite its name, Naked Café is not a nudist establishment.

“Clothing is required still — but no animal products,” he told KelownaNow.

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