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‘MasterChef’ Simon Wood Calls Vegan “D*ck” In Wake Of Bad Review

by | September 30, 2019

Chef Simon Wood — MasterChef winner and professional restaurateur — was involved in a public Facebook spat as a result of a review criticizing the restaurant’s lack of vegan options. 

Wood, who won MasterChef UK in 2015, called one reviewer “ridiculous” and another a “d**k” on September 27, according to screenshots taken by The Mirror

The initial review was left by customer Jake Norris.

“Chef can’t adapt to cook vegan food! Poor! Disappointing food,” it read.

Wood replied through the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“If you want vegan food go to a vegan restaurant… which incidentally if I went to one and asked for a steak I wouldn’t get one,” he wrote.

“Nor would I not recommend them for not giving me something I want. You ridiculous person.”

MasterChef Spouts Profanities After Review From Vegan Customer
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Simon Wood Calls Vegan A “D*ck”

A second review by customer Richard McCormick highlighted the lack of professionalism from previous comments by Wood, to which Wood replied “Sorry for your disappointment d*ck.”

Commenters on both reviews debated who was at fault for the blow up. One side of the argument felt that customers should do more research before entering restaurants and asking for animal-free meals. Others felt that it was bad business for a restaurant owner to publicly disparage a customer for a bad review. 

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