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Minimalist Baker to Include Animal Ingredients Blog, Angering Fans

by | April 10, 2019

Minimalist Baker has helped vegans and the veg-curious discover delicious plant-based recipes for almost a decade, but founder Dana has decided to start integrating animal ingredients into her recipes. Many followers are angry and disappointed over the change. Even though, Dana has never claimed to be vegan, or vegetarian.

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The food blogger has recently turned away from veganism with her latest announcement of incorporating animal products in her upcoming preparations, starting this May. The popular blog has millions of followers and has been a favorite among vegan chefs and at-home cooks alike, thanks to her easily accessible recipes that generally came with features like less than 30-minute prep time, one bowl or only 10 ingredients. The decision to include animal products has caused a major upset in the online vegan community.

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Who is The Minimalist Baker?

Dana Shultz is the content creator and food photographer behind the blog. It is well-noted that Dana is not vegan on her website which says, “Dana’s food philosophy has evolved” over the years, and that “she now enjoys a diverse diet free from labels,” implying that she does not live a vegan lifestyle. Her website also mentions that although the blog primarily uses plant-based ingredients, people from all walks of life are welcome and they are not “an exclusively vegan or plant-based website.” The website reads, “We welcome all eaters and require all discussion to be kind and respectful of other members.”

How the Announcement Came?

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Well, gradually to say the least. In a series of Q&A on Instagram feed, Shultz declared that she is using animal protein in her recipes to fight hair-loss and digestive alignments. According to her, she wasn’t being able to tolerate the volume of plant-based protein like tofu and chickpeas that her body required to alleviate the disorders, which led to her decision to include animal foods in her blog.

After a fan asked her why she is making these changes, she responded:

“When I realized I was deficient in iron and b12, but moreso when digestive issues arose.”

“My body was telling me something was wrong. I was having significant hair loss and I need to make a change.”

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When asked her about the backlash she’ll be facing, she responded, “Perhaps I’ll face more negative feedback when I post non-vegan recipes (in May), but so far the overwhelming majority has been so kind and supportive (thank you!!).” She mentioned that there will still be plant-based recipes, but not exclusively. Her introduction of organic, pasture-raised eggs and chicken, and wild caught salmon has angered many in the vegan community. Dana won’t be using dairy and gluten, because she is sensitive to both.

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Lastly, the blogger said the website will continue to remain “plant-forward” and some will contain animal protein from mid-May. There will be filters to help vegans distinguish plant-based recipes from non-vegan recipes. The non-vegan recipes will have a substitution option to make it easier for vegans to try the meals. What do you think? Comment below.  

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2 Responses to “Minimalist Baker to Include Animal Ingredients Blog, Angering Fans”

  1. Steve Jones
    April 11th, 2019 @ 5:16 am

    If she was actually ‘deficient’ in animal products, then that would mean that human beings are naturally supposed to eat animal products (which we clearly aren’t), therefore she should be willing and ABLE to physically catch and kill, with her bare hands and teeth, chickens, salmon, and anything else she now eats. She should also be willing and ABLE to push a calf away from his mother and suck milk from her udders without her (the cow) trampling her. Is she likely to be doing that any time soon?
    Even the most basic examination of this problem (whether humans are supposed to eat animal products) will show any rational person that, since there is no way the average human being can even catch, let alone KILL with their bare hands and teeth, a pig, a chicken, a cow, or a sheep.
    So her decision is completely irrational, and any improvement in her health will have to be purely caused by psychological effects.

  2. Andie
    April 13th, 2019 @ 2:50 pm

    That’s what happens to vegans who don’t go to vegan doctors or vegan nutritionists. Seen it before.

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