Mornings Just Got Easier — Foodnerd Launches Quick Vegan Breakfast Options

by | July 13, 2020

Buffalo, New York-based food company, Foodnerd, has just released a new line of plant-based superfood breakfast options! 

The raw and sprouted OverNights — a quick and easy alternative to homemade overnight oats — are a cinch to prepare and perfect for on the go. They are available in a variety of flavors with two different base options. Simply select your base option — either Sprouted Oats or Sprouted Chia Pudding — and then choose the flavor! 

Original flavors of OverNights by Foodnerd
OverNights original flavors, just joined by Coconut Fig (Foodnerd)

While more flavors are being released soon — stay tuned! — the five current available flavors are Cinnamon Apple, Chocolate Goji Berry, Coconut Fig, Strawberry Plum, and Wild Blueberry Banana. Foodnerd’s OverNights are meant to be prepared the night before so they’re ready to grab and go the next morning. Once you’ve made the truly difficult decision of your base and flavor combination, simply add your favorite plant-based milk alternative to the pop-up bowl, shake, and leave in the refrigerator overnight for a quick vegan breakfast you and your kids will love. When you’re ready to eat — whether sitting down for a leisurely breakfast with your family or chowing down on the train to work — simply stir the OverNights and dig in! 

Check out this how-to video to see just how quick and easy Overnights are.

Foodnerd — Pride In Production

In the food industry, most oats and oat products are processed with high heats that destroy the beneficial micronutrients. Of the products created by the top 25 food manufacturers, 86 percent of their food options are considered to be “ultra-processed.” Foodnerd prides itself on creating products that are minimally processed and it has found a way to preserve these naturally occurring powerhouses by sprouting the oats and seeds. “Our process is raw and sprouted,” said Sharon Cryan, the Founder and CEO of Foodnerd, “which makes our OverNights more bioavailable with increased antioxidants. The nutrients in our OverNights are more identifiable by the body, so they are more efficiently absorbed and utilized. We’re making a product our bodies will both need and love.”

Sprouted foods also help to maintain a healthy gut. There are trillions of microbes found in the gut and what we feed these microbes can determine how helpful or detrimental these bacteria can be. Did you know that 90 percent of serotonin is created in the gut? In other words, what we eat can not only be associated with the development of chronic disease, but also mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

Chocolate Goji Berry Sprouted Chia Pudding OverNights Vegan Breakfast
Find a complete list of nutrition facts on this vegan breakfast here (Foodnerd)

OverNights — The Eco-Friendly & Vegan Breakfast Alternative

Foodnerd is dedicated to providing its customers with options for all lifestyle choices and food restrictions. With the mission of making superfoods more available and accessible to all, its products are naturally vegan, raw and gluten free, and are prepared with the environment in mind. Each pop-up bowl is recyclable, eco friendly, and manufactured using sustainable practices. The company uses organic ingredients that are GMO free and never treated with chemicals or preservatives.

Foodnerd works with food scientists and nutrition experts to create each product with its customers’ health and best interests in mind. The result is a “high-impact food solution that caters to all palates.” OverNights are a great source of fiber — most flavors contain between 40 and 60 percent of the Recommended Daily Value — and are rich in Omega 3s, making them a nutritious breakfast alternative for the whole family. 

Hop on over to FoodnerdInc.com to try this quick and easy vegan breakfast options today! 


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