Naked Nutrition Vegan Protein — An Honest Review

by | April 9, 2020

Naked Nutrition has burst into the plant-based protein sphere with simple vegan blends that, according to the brand, have “nothing to hide.”

In other words, this is a line of products which boast simple, no-nonsense ingredient lists so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Naked Nutrition offers a wide array of chocolate, vanilla and unflavored protein-rich products. For the purposes of this review, I tried only the Vanilla Less Naked Pea protein and Naked Rice, an unflavored blend from the brand.

My feedback follows.

Naked Rice Vegan Protein

Definitive Pros

On Composition

When it comes to ingredients, these products are as no-nonsense as they come. With Naked Rice touting only one easy-to-pronounce ingredient and Less Naked Pea touting only three, you know exactly what you’re putting into that awesome body of yours. 

A lack of additives, common allergens and artificial sweeteners also make these products a great option for those with food sensitivities.

On Flavor

Another perk is that the flavored protein includes a simple coconut sugar, as opposed to one of the many widely used zero-calorie sweeteners which I, personally, cannot stand the taste of. The result is something that tastes real and delicious.

On Texture

The Less Naked Pea has a great consistency. It blends unnoticeably into smoothies and smoothie bowls, and is not overwhelming when mixed with water or non-dairy milk.

Naked Nutrition Vegan Protein

The (Possible) Cons

On Composition

If you’re afraid of calories and carbohydrates, the vanilla version of Less Naked Pea may not be the protein for you. Those who would rather have that Franken-sugar taste than take in a few extra carb-borne calories may want to consider a stevia-sweetened product, or try unflavored Naked Pea or Naked Rice for an option that skips the sweet factor entirely.

On Flavor

With a number of food sensitivities, I’m well used to brown rice protein. Those who aren’t may be a bit surprised to find that Naked Rice tastes like just that — brown rice. You are likely to still taste it if you put it in a smoothie. This is something I’m fine with, and actually enjoy. You might not be.

On Texture

Naked Rice, while smooth given its imakeup,, still leaves a texture detectable in smoothies and unmissable when mixed with water alone. This is typical of brown rice protein. Those looking for an unflavored protein with a smoother consistency may want to give Naked Pea a crack.

While Raise Vegan does charge an administrative fee for review services, the above represents the honest opinions of the reviewer.

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