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Nearly 20% Of Parents Spend More Time On Phone Than With Kids, Survey Says

by | February 25, 2020

Nearly one in five parents spend more time on their phones than with their children, according to a new survery.

Facilitated by tech-product service and review company review.org, the anonymous poll asked 500 respondents over the age of 18 about their cell phone usage both inside and outside of the home. 

A total of 17.3 percent of respondents said they spend more time on their phones than with their kids in the poll.

32.7 percent of respondents also said they spend more time on their phones than with their significant others, with 45 percent saying they would rather give up sex than their phones for a year.

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More than half said they check or use their phones on the road (Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock.com)

Screen Time & Phone Use Boundaries

For many respondents, screen time boundaries appear blurry well beyond the relationship factor.

65.7 percent of the people surveyed said that they sleep with their phones, and 79.5 percent use their phone as an alarm clock. 

Another 73.4 percent said they continue to use their phones while on the toilet. 

55.4 percent of respondents admitted to checking or using their phones while driving, although it was not indicated to what extent. 

In addition, 87.8 percent “felt uneasy leaving their phones at home” and 75.4 percent consider themselves “addicted to their phones.”

How do these statistics fit with your own habits? Do you feel comfortable leaving the house without your phone? Let us know in the comments below!


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