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Netherlands Company To Change The Way The World Gets Meat

by | November 5, 2018

Meat but not obtained by killing any animal? 100% cruelty-free meat- is it even possible? Looks like it might be. A Netherlands based company is hell-bent to change the way the world gets meat.

Meatable is a Netherlands based start-up that claims to ‘change the world with a single cell’. And we are certainly hopeful that it might change the way the world gets meat for real. The company is working on pluripotent cells to eliminate the need for fetal bovine serum to accelerate the creation of cultured meat.

Meatable’s initiative is different from other cultured meat creating companies as they use pluripotent cells. These cells are far more superior to stem cells and speed up the development of meat without the use of bovine serums. An added bonus, they offer versatility too.

To understand versatility of pluripotent meat, consider this: A muscle stem cell can only lead to create muscles. If we use muscle stem cell to create cultured meat, the result would be just muscles. Similarly fat stem cells will be only fat. However, a pluripotent cell can be anything the scientists desire. It can be transformed into muscle or fat, as per our choice. They have great proliferation capacity.

the world gets meat

Daan Luining, Meatable’s CTO, gained experience in the field of cultured meat by working in Dr Mark Post’s lab, during his first year of Master’s program. The New Harvest website calls him ‘one of only a handful of cultured meat researchers in the world‘.

The advantage of using pluripotent cell based meat

Meatball’s initiative is truly unique. Pluripotent cells divide at least two times faster than other cells. While you have to raise a cow for three years to ultimately get meat from it, with pluripotent cell-based meat this takes only a few weeks to get a burger-sized amount. Which would completely revolutionize the way the world gets meat.

How is Meatable different?

The cultured cell based meat segments is burgeoning with several companies claiming to do the same. But Meatable is remarkably different from others, as it doesn’t gather tissue sample from a living animal to develop cultured meat. Instead, it collects blood from the just clipped umbilical cord of a newly born animal. The pluripotent cells are harvested from this blood.

As told to food navigator USA, Luining claims the procedure to be truly non-invasive and the resulting cells do not need a surface, like petri dishes, to attach to during the initial proliferation phase.

However, the path isn’t easy for Meatable as they will have to pass on the taste test too. It will also take some time for people to warm up to the idea of eating meat grown in laboratories. But if they come out with cheap,
scalable and good on taste cultured meat options, Meatable will surely cause a renaissance in the food industry and change the way the world gets meat.

We are really hopeful for Meatable’s success as this means meeting the on growing meat demand in a completely cruelty-free non-invasive ways.



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