New Data Proves Coronavirus Remains On Surfaces For Weeks After Exposure

by | March 25, 2020

New data from cruise ship Diamond Princess has shown that traces of the novel coronavirus remain on surfaces for weeks, not days, at a time.

According to a CDC report, the virus was still detectable on the nonoperational ship 17 days after its passengers disembarked.

While the report did not specify whether the virus was still viable — or capable of infecting humans — after this length of time, evidence has shown that it can remain viable outside of human-to-human contact.

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coronavirus elbow bump
While some have adapted low-contact greetings, experts recommend keeping a six-foot distance between yourself and others (Linda Bestwick/Shutterstock.com)

Coronavirus — Transmission Beyond Human Contact

While the exact time frames vary, a study from the United States National Institutes of Health showed that the coronavirus can remain viable for hours or days on surfaces and in aerosols.

This suggests that many of those who fall ill from, or carry the virus without showing symptoms, may have picked it up without direct contact with a human carrier.

The report from the CDC suggests that, in the fight against COVID-19, infection parameters are an area for further investigation.


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