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New Zappos Shopping Experience Makes Finding Vegan Brands A Breeze

by | January 2, 2020

Zappos — the online retailer with a vegan-friendly and ethics-minded approach — has introduced a groundbreaking new purpose-driven shopping experience intended to make purchase decisions easier for conscientious consumers.

Dubbed Goods for Good, Zappos’ new curated collection is designed to take the guesswork out of finding products that align with customers’ values, categorizing brands by the ethical initiatives they implement.

The categories to choose from include Vegan, Give Back, Sustainably Certified, Organic, and Recycled. Each allows customers to choose brands by the social, environmental or compassionate practices they value, with ease.

For the Consumer

The categories were introduced amid growing interest in socially conscientious shopping to streamline the process for customers and be a one-stop shop for all of their needs–from shoes to clothing and accessories. Goods for Good also acts as a storytelling showcase featuring brands, big and small, and their individual social and environmental practices that result in exceptional products. By providing a space to tell these efforts of good, Zappos hopes to introduce customers to new brands that resonate with their values.

“We know for our customers every purchase matters and they’re passionate about investing in products that contribute to a greater good,” said Steven Bautista, Head of Charitable Giving, Zappos. “We want to ensure the best service and shopping experience possible, so we’ve made it fast and easy for them to view all relevant products at once and learn about each brand’s purpose.” 

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Zappos Vegan Options

For vegan shoppers, Zappos offers a wide array of jackets, sneakers, sandals, shoes, boots, bags, and other fashionable pieces for children and adults alike.

You can explore the retailer’s entire vegan range here.

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