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New Zealand Defence Force Rejects Vegan Navy Hopeful

by | August 7, 2019

A vegan Navy hopeful has been turned down by the New Zealand Defence Force as a result of his lifestyle.

Jack Burns — who had long aspired to join the Navy — was rejected explicitly because of his diet, with an NZ Defence Force (NZDF) spokesperson stating that, for acceptance, applicants “must be willing to eat alternative options.”

The spokesperson explained that, while vegetarian options are usually available, recruits must be willing to eat animal products, as vegan options are not guaranteed.

According to Burns, these policies are outdated.

“The Defence Force is at the forefront of leadership and innovation, and they need to catch up big time and educate themselves about the stereotypes about plant-based eating,” he said.

navy vegan health
Well planned plant-based diets have been shown to be healthy for all ages

“Fit And Healthy”

Burns maintains that he’s in prime physical condition for the job, especially because of his diet.

“I have heaps more energy, I’m fit and strong,” he said.

“I am fit and healthy and it is proven through academic literature and through vegan athletes that someone can not only be healthy on a vegan diet but can thrive.”

Burns told Newshub that he will be moving on in his search, and pursuing a career as a firesfighter or police officer instead.

Do you think the NZDF should be required to cater to a vegan diet? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Chris Hidge
    August 12th, 2019 @ 2:28 pm

    I absolutely think a vegan diet should be available, in fact the mainstay of healthy living. This is a way of guaranteeing healthy personnel.

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