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No Kidding: Vermont Town Elects Goat as Mayor

by | March 14, 2019

Vermont town of Fair Haven has elected a goat as mayor. The three-year-old Nubian goat appropriately named Lincoln beat out several animals including dogs, cats and a gerbil named Crystal. Lincoln, the goat, beat out Sammie the dog by three votes in a special election held in the town.

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The ballot that consisted of sixteen pets was open to all town residents. During his one year term as mayor, Lincoln will attend local events, such as marching in the Memorial Day parade wearing a custom-made sash, that is sure to accentuate his floppy ears.

Vermont Town Fair Haven

Fair Haven, with a population of 2,500 is nestled along the border with New York. The town doesn’t have a human mayor.

Joseph Gunter, the town manager for Fair Haven, VT said that the special election was initially done as a fundraiser to replace a playground behind the school that turned into a civics lesson for the kids. What a great way to teach children all about the election process. The fundraiser raised around one hundred dollars through an entry fee of five dollars.

Gunter praised teacher Wayne “Skip” Cooke, the students and the school for putting “the boots on the ground to make it happen”, adding that the event would not have been possible without them. Gunter, who is relatively new to the town was worried that people would think that the election was odd, but he says that “it really took off.”

A video posted by the Burlington Free Press shows Lincoln being loaded onto a truck for his swearing-in at the town hall. There is a round of applause as Lincoln gives his hoof-print, with a little help. Watch the swearing in of Lincoln the goat, Mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont town right here.

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