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NZ Government Recommends Meat And Dairy Cuts

by | July 31, 2019

The New Zealand Government has released a report recommending meat and dairy consumption be reduced to decrease environmental impact.

The report, commissioned by the government, makes recommendations for improving sustainability within the health sector.

Listed as the number one recommendation in relation to food sustainability was reducing meat consumption, particularly red meat. It was also determined that plant-based protein alternatives and plant-based diets should be promoted to reduce carbon footprint.

plant-based foods
The report suggests limiting meat consumption (Source: Nina Firsova / Shutterstock.com)

The report also suggested buying local and sustainable food, as well as other environmentally friendly products as a priority for the health sector in New Zealand.

What do you think of this move from New Zealand’s government? Would you like yours to follow suit? Let us know in the comments below.


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