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Oatly Launches New Vegan Ice Cream Range

by | October 14, 2019

Oatly is bringing three new flavors of vegan ice cream to the UK later this month.

The new release includes a Chocolate Fudge, Hazelnut Swirl and Salted Caramel flavor, all of which are made using the brand’s oat milk base. 

Speaking on the new Chocolate Fudge flavor, Oatly claim this creation “breaks all (its) own records for unhealthiness, imbalance, and general reckless abandon.”

oatly vegan ice cream
Oatly ice cream is available in seven flavors in the US (Source:Oatly/Instagram)

Making Vegan Ice Cream Accessible

The popular plant-based Swedish brand has seven different flavors of ice cream available in the US, but will be limiting this new release to the UK for the time being. Oatly ice cream is also available in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Ishen Paran, the UK general manager at Oatly, has shared that the company is “always looking at new products and flavours that will make it easy for consumers to make the simple switch from dairy to oat.”

Oatly lovers will be able to pick up a tub in Tesco from the end of October.

Have you tried the Oatly’s desserts already? Let us know what your favorite flavor is in the comments below!


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