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Old Fire Truck Repurposed As Plant-Based Cafe

by | August 8, 2019

Adam Otmar and Jill Mulveney have converted an old fire truck into Halifax, Nova Scotia’s first 100 percent plant-based cafe, Frankie’s Espresso Bar.

Speaking to The Coast, the pair revealed that they had a “gut feeling” about the fire truck after they bid on it during an online auction, and won.

Otmar and Mulveney have since converted the space into their dream cafe. They did away with inefficiencies they had realized at cafes they had worked at previously and created a “warm, welcoming cafe” for customers.

“We wanted it white, bright and open,” said Otmar.

Plant-Based Cafe Firetruck
Frankie’s is Halifax’s first fully vegan coffee shop (Source: Frankie’s Espresso Bar/Instagram)

Plant-Based Cafe Menu

The entire menu at Frankie’s Espresso Bar is vegan friendly — right down to the milk options.

Otmar told The Coast that the decision to stay plant-based came down, in part, to the sheer amount of milk even a small cafe can go through, which he says “could be 20 to 30 litres” a day.

On the menu are gluten-free plant-based cookies, donuts and macaroons.

You can keep tabs on the mobile coffee shop via the Frankie’s Espresso Bar Facebook page.

Do you think of Otmar and Mulveney’s choice to skip dairy? Let us know in the comments below.


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