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Oscar Nominee Joaquin Phoenix Visits Toronto Animal Rights Protest

by | September 10, 2019

Vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix took time away from the Toronto International Film Festival to visit a protest at a Toronto subway station yesterday.

Phoenix’s attendance of the St George St Station event — led by activist groups BeFairBeVegan and Toronto Pig Save — caused foot traffic backup in the station as onlookers tried to get a peek at the actor.  

Anita Krajnc of the Toronto Pig Save, organized the event in conjunction with BeFairBeVegan, a group running an ad campaign in subway stations across the city.

Krajnc told CTV News that she met Phoenix last year at a protest involving a Los Angeles slaughterhouse. Phoenix was interested in the work Krajnc was doing, and gave her his contact information.

Phoenix did not chat with commuters, but took a tour with Krajnc and viewed the ad campaign — which shows photographs of farmed animals and implications of the cruelty they face.

Toronto Subway
The campaign will appear in Toronto’s subways, buses, and streetcars (Source: Jon Bilous)

“Gripping And Painful”

One write from BlogTO, a city event and lifestyle blog for Toronto, argued that that the ads — described therein as “gripping and painful” — would garner significant attention even without an international movie star lending his clout to the cause.

The ad campaign will be running through to November in Toronto’s subways, buses, and streetcars.

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