Pelush — The High-End Fashion Brand Putting An End To Fur

by | July 30, 2020

In today’s “fast fashion” culture, it is a breath of fresh air to find a company that practices sustainable material sourcing, ethical manufacturing, and eco-conscious production. Pelush, the New York-based luxury, faux-fur fashion house has started a vegan ReFAUXlution with it’s new line of cruelty-free, elegant options.

Pelush's ReFAUXlution

Pelush Is The End Of The Catastrophic Consequences Of Fashion

Anna Tagliabue, the founder of Pelush, says that the fashion industry is in huge trouble right now. “I think what we’re seeing today is the beginning of the end of fashion,” said Tagliabue. “Anyone who is aware of the catastrophic consequences of fashion on the planet and the environmental impact should [be conscious of what they are buying].”

Faux Fur Fashion

Nothing Wasted, Nothing New

As a vegan designer, Tagliabue is quickly becoming disenchanted with consumer culture. “Most people are still buying from [mass manufacturers] and refuse to adopt a plant-based diet, which is the most impactful and the fastest way to reduce your carbon footprint,” said Tagliabue. “We must stop finding excuses for continuing business as usual and start to embrace a kinder way of living now. Sure, anything helps, but at this point, little baby steps are simply not going to save us. That’s why I’ve decided to stop buying new fabrics, use what I already have, and repurpose what already exists. Nothing will go to waste.”


The Antidote To The Fur Industry

Pelush has started the #ReFAUXlution, a fur revolution that is an anti-fur movement; a fashion statement that stands behind the company’s philosophy by offering the best possible alternative to real fur and defends justice for animals. 

“It’s the antidote to the fur industry. Pelush’s ReFAUXlution is about compassion and reconnecting with animals and nature. It’s a revolution of the heart, a new conscious awareness recognizing that animals matter morally and, therefore, cannot be considered as property, objects, slaves or machines. ReFAUXlution is about change, a commitment to be better human beings by rejecting all exploitation and injustice of humans and non humans alike. ReFAUXlution uses activism through fashion to promote veganism as the moral imperative of our time and a cruelty-free lifestyle that is beautiful, luxurious and glamorous with dignity and integrity. It’s fashion in action.”

Pelush ReFAUXlution

Luxury For All

Pelush was created for women everywhere. The Pelush woman is elegant, graceful, and powerful. She embraces her femininity full force and she loves looking glamorous without compromising her ethics. “She makes a statement when she enters a room,” said Tagliabue. “She’s confident, aware, and knowledgeable. She knows what is going on in the world and she makes the right choices. She’s comfortable in her own skin. A true contemporary woman of the 21st Century.”

Join the ReFAUXlution today and check out the newest line from Pelush here!


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