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People Lose Their Sh*T As Plane Returns To Forgotten Baby at The Airport

by | March 13, 2019

This may not be the news we hear every day, but a mom is suffering the short-lived wrath of the public after her forgotten baby at the airport made headlines. Luckily, the pilot was a compassionate human being who requested the air traffic controller to allow the plane a U-turn. However, the incident hasn’t gone down too well with a lot of mistake free people taking to social media to blast the mom.

Reportedly, Flight SV832 was en-route to Kuala Lampur, when the cabin crew received a strange request from a worried Saudi mother, who claimed to have forgotten her baby at the airport, King Abdul Aziz International Airport Terminal, Jeddah. The video of the pilot requesting the ATC to allow the flight to return went viral on social media. And like most of the times, many keyboard warriors jumped their guns without knowing the exact picture.

Some extreme reactions:

forgotten baby at the airport

Some ‘mild’ reactions:

forgotten baby at the airport

One Twitter user :(Who apparently thinks the Game of Thrones Shame Episode should be reenacted in real life) wrote: “This woman is a negligent person and must be punished.” 

  Thankfully, there were sane voices too:

forgotten baby at the airport

And then somebody hinted what really had happened.

Forgotten Baby At The Airport

Quite a lot of people were miffed at the incident and hinted towards smartphone addiction which wasn’t the case. According to Stepfeed, an anonymous source spoke about what really happened. As per the source, the mom didn’t ‘forget the baby’ but rather she, and her other child, got separated because the mom was assisting an older lady who was accompanying on the journey. English not being her first language, the mom used the word ‘forgot’ instead of ‘left behind’ and that’s how the misreporting began. The mom was obviously panic stricken and used the wrong words.

The source further explained the mom had left her child with family members as they had different seating arrangements. She became startled when she realized that the rest of the family members hadn’t boarded the plane. She asked the crew if she can get off the plane, starting off the frenzy. It should also be noted, the plane wasn’t mid-air when the incident happened but on-ground waiting to take off in a few minutes, as per the source.

The source has been quoted as saying,

“She knew from the beginning that her kids were not with her and were still at the terminal and she informed us. Somebody assured her that they will be boarding with the next batch of passengers but to our surprise her family was still not on-board”.

Postpartum Forgetfulness

While this wasn’t the case for the Saudi woman, postpartum forgetfulness or momnesia is quite real. According to a research published in Nature Neuroscience, pregnancy modifies a woman’s brain and the process continues post birth. The physical transformation of a woman’s brain has been established through a series of before and after scans.

The next time you might want to accuse a mother of negligence, stop for a second and ask yourself- do you really know all the facts? Do you understand what she might be going through? Knee-jerk reactions aren’t always the best!

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