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Pineapple might be the Humane Alternative to Animal Leather?

by | December 25, 2018

Well if you thought Pineapples just make delicious smoothies, you couldn’t be more wrong. They aren’t just good to eat (or smell), they make awesome jackets too. Puzzled? Pineapple could be the humane alternative to animal leather. Read further to know more…

Pineapple could be the humane alternative to animal leather
Pineapple Leather Jackets
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Pineapple Could Be The Humane Alternative To Animal Leather

As per Reuters report, there would be a time pretty soon when you’ll see stylish Biker style jackets and the label would read ‘made from pineapples’. A Spanish businesswoman is making this possible with her company Ananas Anam. High time everyone ditch the inhumane suffering dipped animal leather. Full support to eco-friendly humane alternative to animal leather.

The businesswoman in limelight, Carmen Hijosa is creating leather like textile, called Pinatex, from the long fibers present in Pineapple leaves. A sustainable leather free from cruelty. What more could we ask for?

Hijosa has made it her mission to provide fashion industry with more humane and environmental friendly alternatives to leather. The clothes designer has been working on the concept from past 8 years and has given up using animal leather long back. 

Hijosa elaborated to Reuters about her eco-friendly pineapple leather, 

“Because of their characteristics – they’re very fine and strong and flexible – my idea was what if I make a mesh with these fibers, not unlike what leather is. And that was the beginning of this new material”.

Carmen Hijosa, as told to Reuters

Hijosa is the founder and owner of Ananas Anam, which works with pineapple farmers from Philippine, to make Pinatex in Spain. The farmers supply pineapple fibers to the company which finishes them into leather like textile. 

Pinatex is being used by over 500 manufacturers, and the list includes big names like Hugo Boss that uses this pineapple derived leather for their iconic vegan sneakers

As per Ananas Adam, if only ten top pineapple producer countries would join hands to manage the waste fibers then 50 per cent of global leather output can be replaced. Finally an eco-friendly humane alternative to animal leather.

We hope this becomes realty soon. 

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