Being Pregnant And What I Miss About It

by | September 13, 2017

Being Pregnant and Missing It
A sentence i never thought it’d say.
However, the first six months of my baby’s life have absolutely flown by. It seems like he is brand new but at the same time, it feels like he has been here forever and being pregnant is a distant memory.
On the more difficult days, I sometimes imagine how hard it must be to care for twins or more, or to have a newborn when your first born is still a baby. I tell myself I have it easy and vow that it will be a couple of years before we add to our little family.
Then I see a pregnant lady and there is something innately beautiful about a women with a big, round baby belly. Although, I find myself feeling wistful and looking forward to carrying another child whenever I see them. While some parents find pregnancy difficult, but I loved just about every minute of it!
Loving the look and feel of my changing body as it created a new little being. I loved running my hands over my bump and rubbing coconut oil into my skin every day. Even the heaviness of my belly and in a strange way I even loved the way. I felt exhausted on pretty much a permanent basis!
Every day, I think I was in awe of what my body was doing and being tired and feeling heavy illustrated the huge amount of energy going into this amazing process.
I miss feeling my baby kick and squirm around inside me, even though I can cuddle him now whenever I like. I’m sure it’s a hormonal thing, we’re designed to want to make more babies. And there are chemicals in my brain telling me how wonderful it would be to be pregnant again.
So whenever I start feeling broody. I try my best to remember the not-so-great things about pregnancy.
The anxiety of the first weeks. Long before I had the constant reassurance of seeing a bump, or feeling my baby moving. The queasiness. Thankfully I didn’t suffer from full blown morning sickness. Yet, during the first trimester I often had an unsettled
Do I Want to Eat or Vomit’
Baby Brain– I have never in my life felt so stupid as I did while pregnant. Some days my mind was so foggy, I could barely add up two small numbers.
Feeling Useless- I was used to being very industrious. I like to help but due to pelvic girdle pain it seemed like I couldn’t do anything. From running or even walking for more than ten minutes.
These things don’t seem like that big a deal though, those ‘must make babies’ hormones are so strong!
The one thing that does put a stop to the idea of becoming pregnant again. Looking at my little one and really taking in his awesomeness. He deserves to have me to himself for a while. He deserves my full attention and devotion. So for now I’ll admire those beautiful pregnant bellies from afar and make sure my full attention and devotion is exactly what he gets.



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