Racing to Create New Plant Food & The Companies Who Are Succeeding

by | September 18, 2017


Racing To Create New Plant Food

As first reported in VOA News, new generations are creating new companies, and with that, emerging ideas for how we should eat and live. From the mayo on that sandwich, to a delicate poached egg. These startups are changing the way we view food. And more importantly. What we actually view as food.


“Playing with ingredients that are totally different in the food system is a lot like walking on the moon. We’re doing things no one has ever done before so it’s challenging,”


Chef Chris Jones, who is currently the brains behind Hampton Creek company development area.


“We’re doing things no one has ever done before, so it’s challenging”

Looking at the two leading companies that are racing ahead with plant based options:




Using the latest technology robotics, they identify plants that can help recreate traditional animal products. Bringing you the comfort food without the harm.


“We look into the different molecular characteristics and ultimately. We’re able to identify relationships between what we see on a molecular level and whether it causes a cake to rise or what makes a mayo taste good. Whether it binds a cookie together or makes a nice creamy butter,” said Hampton Creek founder Josh Tetrick.


“It’s been really recent advances, both in screening methodologies as well as data science, that actually makes it possible,” said Jim Flatt. Hampton Creek’s chief of research and development.



“What we’re doing is we’re taking plant matter. We’re running it through heating, cooling and pressure and that’s basically stitching together the proteins. So they take on the fibrous texture of animal muscle,” said Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown.


Beyond Meat is creating a firestorm of activity over their realistic burgers in the plant based community. Creating the traditional BBQ staple from plant sources, and cutting out the need to breed and kill animals in the name of food.


“Whether it’s Asia, Africa, India. You’re seeing a very strong trend toward increasing animal protein consumption. I don’t think as a globe we can afford that,” Brown said.

 racing to create new plant food

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