So, You’re Raising Your Child A Murderer?

by | May 8, 2018

Hunting, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Yet, is it only the animals that are suffering.

Every time we read a media story or hear the news, of an adult who is being charged with a crime, there are usually the tell-tale signs. Neighbors discussing how the now adult used to torture loved pets, or their neighborhood animals would go missing. People would ‘tut tut’, and ask why no one said anything, ‘That’s not normal behavior, what kind of kid So You’re Raising Your Child a Murderer?hurts an animal?’. How would any parent think it was okay to not only allow it but encourage their sweet children to murder the neighbor’s cat? That a six year old holding a knife and cutting its throat was somehow normal behavior and could easily be ignored. Are you raising your child a murderer?

But if we change out ‘cat’ for ‘humanely raised chicken’, then everyone thinks it’s okay. Why wouldn’t a child be self-sufficient, learn the wonders of life, and what’s more learning that snapping the neck of a chicken? It’s not like there is another option for survival.


And so the problem begins. To vegan parents, we understand that our kids see all animals the same, no one animal sits higher on the hierarchy than another, the chicken can be a lovable family member as much as the dog, and kids with their ever developing brains, don’t understand why they are killing an animal, just that they are, and it’s damaging more than we can comprehend.


So You’re Raising Your Child a Murderer?Hunting is routinely used as a bonding experience, albeit for those first few weeks, when a little kid kills an animal and spends the rest of the day being comforted and desensitized by their guardian, that this is normal.

Walk down any hunting aisle, and there are rifles and guns for kids who still don’t know how to tie their shoelaces properly, and have trouble not wetting the bed on occasion. Yet, they need a gun, it’s their right to fend for themselves. In 2017, that’s a bold statement to make.

Yet, where is the line, if kids don’t learn respect for life from early on, how do we expect them to respect it as adults. From relationships to friendships, they had it ingrained in them from infancy, that killing is just a normal part of life, cruelty, and lack of compassion is what forms their adult brains. Humanity is just a buzzword that makes people feel safe.


Compassion isn’t just word we throw around for when someone is down and needs comfort. It’s a way of life, it’s recognizing that all life is precious, from the bee flying around that helps pollinate, to the cute puppy someone left in a hot car during the summer. Our children are not natural born killers, they don’t wake up bloodthirsty with a need to harm others around them. Every kid’s movie we watch with animals, the humans are normally the villains, we cheer when the animals get away, we shout and cry when they catch the dogs in the nets. How confusing to a small mind, that we root for the animal on the television, and agree that the deer are our friends. It’s so sad about Bambi’s mom, I agree with you darling. Then take them out to kill her themselves. Are we teaching our kids to be the villain? What must go through their mind, when we pet the cat and tell her we love her, then sit down to eat something that looks like her?

When we take them to zoos and see animals caged up, lonely, depressed and out of their natural habitat. Going insane from the confinement, that this is normal. We can do thisSo You’re Raising Your Child a Murderer? to others because we are better, stronger, we have weapons. The same weapons they have, can they put their friends in cages? 

So the next time, when you’re cheering with your kids, that the animals escaped in the movie, back to the forest and away from the humans. Think to yourself, do I want to raise a vegan, or do I want to look for the cat?



So You’re Raising Your Child a Murderer?


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