The Rise of Plant-Based Protein

by | December 5, 2017

Plant Based Protein

Protein! You hear about it and see it marketed everywhere. This word no longer only pertains to animal-based products. The Plant Based Protein revolution is here.

According to the study by Meticulous Research, the global Plant Based Protein market is set to reach $10 BILLION by the year 2020. The rise is said to be caused by the increase in consumer demand and desire for an overall healthier and cleaner way of eating and living. Currently, soy products hold the largest share of the growing market but other meat alternatives like beans, pea and lentils are also getting attention with the ongoing production of new meat-free food items. The report also cites the US as the largest country in demand of plant based protein followed by Europe and Asia (which is predicted to see an exponential growth within the next five years).

The rise and popularity of veganism is no longer being seen as just a trend but instead, a long-term shift that will greatly influence the market as a whole and big corporations are taking notice. Businesses that produce vegan products are being bought out by larger corporations as we speak (most recently Garden of Life). With the current trend, where do you see the market going and what will it mean for animal agriculture?

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