Self Love — Body Positivity In The Quarantine Era

by | July 1, 2020

Thanking Your Quarantine Body

Imagine this: instead of hating your body for the ways it has changed during quarantine, you thanked it for growing to hold all the pain and grief you have grappled with during these months of isolation. Imagine the ways in which your body has held you as your life turned upside down, as your routines became blurry, as your home-life and work-life became muddled, or as you put your body at risk in service to others. In some ways, your body may have been the one constant, sure thing. In light of everything it’s been through, now, more than ever, is the time for some long-awaited self love.

This quarantine has not only been hard on our bodies, but it’s also been hard on our minds. Many of our friends and families have joked about weight-gain, posting hurtful jokes and memes that further alienate fat bodies—making them, once again, the butt of the joke.

Many of us began this quarantine frightened, but excited by the opportunity to learn a new skill, to exercise, to work on ourselves and to finally take care of ourselves with some self love. But as the days, weeks, and then months rolled by, our enthusiasm waned. As jobs were lost, kids stayed home from school and we suddenly became their teachers —in addition to everything else—we’ve all grappled with feeling trapped in our own microcosms. 

Self Love in the quarantine era
There’s nothing more beautiful than a person loving themselves (Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com)

Embracing Your Curves As An Act Of Self Love

Psychologists proclaimed that we may begin to feel a sense of mourning, loss, and profound sadness as death tolls climbed and many of us wondered how we would pay our bills and feed our families. So, I ask you, as the curve continues to flatten and we begin to explore what a new “normal” could look like, is gaining weight during this unparalleled and difficult time truly one of the worst outcomes we can think of? Is propelling a new wave of diet culture and further humiliating fat bodies one of the narratives we want to remember for one of the most sobering experiences in our lifetime? 

If your answer is YES for either of those questions, I encourage you to sit with that and to think about why that might be. Why is it so hard to practice self love? I further encourage each and every one of you reading this to take a moment to say THANK YOU to your body for giving you a safe space to wade through what may well be one of the most difficult periods in our lifetime. 

All bodies are good bodies

By Heather Decker



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