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Smashing Stereotypes- Veganism and Bodybuilding aren’t Oxymoron Anymore

by | December 19, 2018

Ever looked at a chiseled body and wondered if it could be attained without ample meat and eggs in diet? Are you too a victim of staged ‘meaty diet for muscled body‘ notion that is considered kind of common knowledge? 
Veganism and Bodybuilding is on the rise. 

veganism and bodybuilding
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Well, contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding is not synonymous to highly meat dependent diets. You sure do need lots of protein but it doesn’t have to reach your plate through a defenseless animal’s suffering. 


Meet Vegan Bodybuilders who are smashing stereotypes and mainstreaming the plant-based diet into the strongly carnivorous diaspora. I am sure this will make you think twice before looking up for ‘egg diets’ to stock up lean muscles. 

1. Dominick Thompson

Ironman Triathlete, Dominick Thompson is a bodybuilder who is beefing up without beef. Dominick isn’t just an athlete on a vegan diet, he LIVES it!

veganism and bodybuilding
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Dominick Thompson took to his social media account to explain his love and commitment for Veganism. He wrote:

I was asked recently at a conference in LA why do I fight for animals so much? I have spoken on this many times in the past but I think it’s important to revisit this subject. To echo what I have stated previously on this platform and at the conference: I simply can’t sit on the sidelines and ignore or watch animals suffer. I just can’t. I feel, no sane man or woman can accept this honestly as a reality or the norm once they truly become fully conscious and understand the facts surrounding animal agriculture. Listen, I was not born vegan. I ate meat like most of the 7 billion plus people in the world. However, I woke up. When I say “I woke up”, I mean it. I woke up my mind. Specifically, my conscious. I achieved a level of critical thinking that does not allow me to return to my past state of ignorance. Meaning, it makes no sense for me to go back to old habits and a way of life that equally contributes to sickness, pain, and suffering, as well as murder and death.

Dominick Thompson, via his Instagram account
veganism and bodybuilding
Credits: Dominick Thompson/ Instagram

Dominick Thompson is a very vocal animal right supporter and recently came across Torre Washington (another fellow Vegan Bodybuilder). Both of them have come together to achieve similar goals of spreading the message of empathy towards animals. 

veganism and bodybuilding
Veganism and Bodybuilding 

Thompson announced being part of a plant-based panel meant to multiply the outreach of Vegans. He will be addressing fellow vegans on the panel hosted by IFBB coming January. 

This year has been one of the busiest years of my life. I have had the opportunities to speak and connect with thousands of people all over the world. My audience continues to grow and so does the demand for plant-based food, better education in nutrition and wellness, and more importantly, accessibility and affordability with respect to vegan options. Next year is just around the corner and I am excited to kick it off with some incredible initiatives, including doing all I can to visit more communities and cities needing my presence, to help raise awareness. The gentlemen on this panel pictured above (@jonnyjuicer@torrewashington, and @badassvegan) share similar goals and it’s because of this, we will be traveling together to Little Rock Arkansas January 12 to speak on an inclusive plant-based panel, designed for outreach and more. This panel is being hosted by the IFBB Pro and fellow vegan, @gardengrowngoddess, a strong community leader there. I want to encourage you all that are in Arkansas, and the surrounding areas and states, including Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, East Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and more, to come out for this special event. We are already at half capacity. So click on the link in my bio to get your ticket today. See you beautiful souls soon!

Dominick Thompson via Instagram

Veganism and Bodybuilding

2. Torre Washington

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified coach and a professional bodybuilder, Torre Washington is breaking all stereotypes about plant-based diet and a well built-muscle heavy body.

veganism and bodybuilding
Credits: Torre Washington’s official website
Veganism and Bodybuilding 

Washington is a SIX-time pro-competitive natural bodybuilding champion and has his own website to promote Vegan living. The sprinter and animal lover has been vegan since 1998 and aspires to motivate thousands across the world to pursue their dreams bravely. 

Washington writes about his journey stating,

It wasn’t common for a vegan to be a competitive bodybuilder, but that didn’t discourage me, it rather gave me more passion to pursue my dream. In 2009 I stepped on stage for the 1st time and placed 3rd in a tough class. This only increased my drive to become better. Within the next 6 months from my first competition, I competed in my 2nd show ever and not only won my class of 16 men, but also won the overall with a Pro card. Throughout the recent years, I’ve placed within the top three with 5 different organizations and attained 4 different pro cards.

Torre Washington via his official website

Through his website, Washington offers a complete bodybuilding guide featuring an introduction to veganism, reshaping physique, bodybuilding, protein-packed vegan recipes, and 8-week training plan with video workouts. 

Torre Washington would feature on the IFBB Vegan panel alongside Dominick Thompson this January 12. 

3. Karl Bruder

According to a bodybuilding website, Karl Bruder, the winner of WABBA Grand Prix, lives on a farm with his rescued horses. Bruder takes care of these horses which forms a significant part of his fitness routine. The bodybuilder turned vegan after he became aware of the rampant cruelty against animals in the meat industry. His transition was supported and facilitated by his wife who is already a vegan. 

veganism and bodybuilding
Credits: @karlbruder82/ Twitter
Veganism and Bodybuilding 

As a vegan bodybuilder, Karl Bruder won WABBA Grand Prix and stood 6th in the Mr. Universe competition. 

Do you still think you need meat to build muscles? Vegan Bodybuilders have already proven this otherwise. 

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