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Stuck For Ideas This Christmas, Try These Gifts For Vegans

by | December 7, 2018

Trying to find gifts for vegans this holiday season is pretty tricky if you’re unsure what is vegan and what isn’t. I recently had someone ask me if lunch boxes were vegan. So the confusion is real. Try these gifts, that are all vegan, and lots of fun. 

The Vegan Parents 

gifts for vegans

Raise Vegan Magazine subscription is $29 for the year and gets your favorite vegan a new print edition mailed to them every month for the entire year. With free worldwide shipping, this is the most bang for your buck gift for anyone in your life. Grab yours HERE 

The Vegan Stoner 

gifts for vegans
Credit: The Vegan Stoner 

A hilarious cookbook with one hundred easy recipes that anyone can make and walks you through the finest of snack attacks! grab yours HERE 

The Natural Vegan 

gifts for vegans

Eco-friendly and easy on the eyes for those Instagram posts, these coconut bowls are made from, yep, you guessed it. Coconuts! They are pretty lightweight, so work well for picnics, and when their two year old decides to send them flying across the kitchen, food and all. Grab yours HERE 

More Gifts For Vegans Below 


The Vegan Artist 

The gift is simply awesome, even if they’re not an artist, this could be for the person who is a little stressed out in their lives, and spends waaaaaay too much time on their phone. It’s a must on your list of gifts for vegans. Don’t forget to throw in the coloring pencils too. Grab yours HERE 

The Want To Be Gardener 

I know every spring, I have grand plans of starting a garden, but then the weekend rolls around, and I’m having brunch with friends and it’s Monday again.  This little herb garden kit would be a great gift for someone who wants to feel like they are growing their own herbs, without all the hassle of space or toiling away pulling weeds every weekend. Grab yours HERE 

The Boho Chic

This humble little bracelet of crossbody can fit all their activist stickers and the train ticket home. Grab yours HERE

The Beauty Parlor 

You can’t go wrong with this bath and beauty gift. What else to get the activist after a long day of saving animals and convincing the world to go vegan, than a treat to help them unwind. Grab yours HERE 

Have any gifts for vegans on your list that you’d like to share? Drop it in the comments, we’d love to add it to the list! 

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