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Switzerland Has Banned The Shredding Of Live Chicks

by | September 27, 2019

Switzerland has banned the practice of shredding or grinding male chicks while they are still alive. 

The Swiss Government put the ban in place last Thursday, stating that live chicks must be put to death with CO2 first. This ban was mostly symbolic, as very few egg producers in Switzerland continue to use shredding — although it’s still common practice in much of the world. 

Male chicks born into the egg industry are not perceived as having a use commercially, and are normally killed by grinding or shredding. This process is called maceration, and according to Switzerland’s House of Representatives committee is unacceptable. 

“This tendency to rear species only for the production of eggs or for meat turns animals into mere objects,” reads a comment from the group.

“It has led to absurd practices such as the shredding of living male chicks.” 

The egg industry has no use for male chicks (Source: szefei/Shutterstock.com)

Animal Rights Movement In Switzerland

The motion to ban chick maceration was passed 13 to seven in Parliament. According to Le News, it was brought about after a petition by a Swiss animal rights movement gained popularity. The petition also called for a ban on trophy hunting and fur imports, but these demands were not voted on.

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  1. Steve Jones
    October 2nd, 2019 @ 4:25 am

    Death by CO2 is also incredibly unpleasant, why aren’t they using inert gases (such as argon) which cause no suffering whatsoever?

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